Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tunes that got me listening to Jazz #2 So What - Miles Davis

Prince of darkness or not, Miles recorded some of the the most stunningly beautiful solos in Jazz history. My first encounter came at around the age of 14 when I bought the cassette 'A Kind of Blue'. I've no idea why I chose it, as I had very little knowledge at that time, but its strange to think that more than 23 years on it remains the album I've listened to most.

It has already been said by countless people, but these are pieces that you can never get tired of. Every time you put it on, something new will come to your ear - and I've listened alot of times! I had this as a permanent fixture in my Walkman for the long walks to and from school until the cassette was finally damaged, and then replaced by a prized limited edition CD.

Though I have probably loved Miles' famous solo on 'So What' more than any other, amusingly it wasn't the trumpet that initially brought me to the tune. It was the Saxophone. The long flowing lines of Coltrane and Cannonball -  to the point that as kids we actually asked ourselves; 'can this other guy really play?'

I'll never tire of this tune or album. later on I listened alot to the 'My Funny Valentine Four and More' concert too but it never got quite the same hold of me as this. 

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