Sunday, August 07, 2016

Teaching - Jazz Piano and Improvisation Primers

I have been teaching for many years now. Through this blog and the educational work I do in private classes my aim has been to share the knowledge that I have gained over the years as a musician. I have been working professionally now for almost 25 years and I have been fortunate to play in all kinds of musical situations and styles. My focus is on improvised music - often jazz based - though increasingly I see music in a broader sense and use jazz as the tool to learn.

I am having an increasing number of students that approach me for lessons. Sometimes, it is difficult for people to travel long distances or to take the time to work one to one as often as they would have liked, so I have written some texts or primers to help people get started. That way they can follow the methods that I use and keep in touch, even if they are far away.

At present I have two courses of study - one that focuses on the basics of Jazz piano and another on generally learning how to improvise in Jazz. These are directed towards musicians with an intermediate to advanced knowledge of their instrument who would like to move towards improvised based music. They come in easily digestible Chapters which focus on various topics.

In these primers I share all kinds of material gathered from ideas that I have collected from musicians and teachers all over the world. I also take considerably from music in South India.

If you are interested in learning from these, please contact me through mail and we can see what suits you the best.

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