Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Jazz Fonts - Making chord charts

Unless you have purchased a program for notating chords this is a surprisingly difficult task. Even in word, fonts such as the 'Fakebook' type used in the old Real books seem to be closely guarded secrets or fairly expensive to buy. I've tried writing chord carts in I Real Pro too but I found that pretty unfriendly to use.

After a morning searching on the web this is what I found. I hope it makes your life easier in case you want to jot a few chords down in on a word processor.

An excellent explanation on Music Fonts by piano teacher Joy Morin:

The only fully usable chord font I could find found at Klarlied music. Thanks to Alan Humm.

Another good explanation on free Music fonts by Matthew Hindson. Includes a Saxophone fingering font!!:

Please let me know if you find more. I will update this post as necessary.


This I found later by Clemens Neiderberger - Realbook fonts for the LaTex document publishing system. Works pretty well. The fonts are included in the Zip file.

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