Sunday, June 08, 2014

Tunes that got me listening to Jazz #4 Moanin - Art Blakey

This was another tune I heard somewhere or other as a teenager and as soon as I heard it, I had to buy the album. Like "So What" this is another recording that doesn't get any better. I've heard those solos so many times now, when ever I hear someone else play the same song, it will always come second best. Even the alternate take that comes with the CD doesn't come close. They are that good.

As with Miles' iconic improvisation on "So What", for any student or listener of Jazz, Lee Morgan's trumpet solo ranks up there as one of the best in modern times. Google 'best ever trumpet solos' and you can be pretty sure it's going to appear on most lists. Not only that, he was only 20 at the time.

Sadly I liked the opening track so much, initially I had a hard time with the rest of the album. This is really a testament to the brilliance of the opening title, because the whole album is outstanding, and one of the most important recordings of that era and of the Hard Bop genre. It contains further great solos particularly by Lee Morgan and Saxophonist Benny Golson, as well  as excellent compositions, all of which bar one are composed by Golson.

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