Thursday, June 05, 2014

#Jazz #Sax - Some of the best resources on the Web

Looking back at previous posts it's been quite a while since I updated links to resource sites for both Saxophone and Jazz. Here are some of the best that I know of at the moment.

I love this site and it follows a kind of thinking that I try to apply here. Good old fashioned advice on topics that concern practicing musicians, by musicians themselves. There is so much good stuff here.

Still the best Jazz blog around in my opinion. Updated regularly it's got articles on pretty much anything in Jazz. This blog is geared more to advanced players.

Yes it probably is. A dream come true for saxophone players. Articles on anything sax related by a multitude of great players and teachers.

Founded by Harri Rautianen this has been THE leading resource for saxophone for a long time. It has the worlds largest and best discussion forum.

Solo transcriptions, pdf books. It's all there. Updated recently there is alot of good material here.

I only came across this recently and I prefer it to it's similarly named counterpart. Pick a standard. Play along with the backing track. Watch the greats play the same tune on Youtube. I can't believe it's all in one place.

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