Wednesday, February 04, 2015


After months of inactivity on this blog, I am happy to log in today and see that people are reading. It gives me heart, and I will try to update more in the nearest future. Till now work has been very hectic. The music season in India kicks of at around the end of October and lasts till April. I have traveled all over the country playing with different bands and musical styles and it has been very satisfying.

Still it is not over, concerts are still coming thick and fast and I will be happily performing both on saxophone and piano in various projects in months to come. Furthermore, in addition to my previous post on creating a musical, with the same team of people as before, we have commenced work on a new show that will be performed at the end of September. Exciting times - and it is again wonderful to be part of the birth of a completely new production such as this.

Summer, as always, will be hot and slow, but also the time I will update more frequently and get down to practicing and sharing more ideas. I will also give links to some of the great events that have taken place in Jazz and other forms of music around the country.

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