Sunday, September 26, 2010

Little Waltz

This is one of may favourite early compositions, and one we continue to play quite regularly. This was recorded live in 2008 on January 1st. This was a special gig for me as the band came together at the last minute (Patrick didn't even know he was playing till just before) and the playing was so fresh and together.

Just click on the file to play or download it. You may need as i did to have the latest update of Firefox for this to work.

Matt Littlewood - Tenor Sax
Patrick Goraguer - Piano
Mishko. M'Ba - Bass
Suresh Bascara - Drums


hariflute said...

Beautiful piece! :) Please do keep posting your stuff here. You might also want to use for posting your music files.

Matt AV said...

Hey thanks!... i will check out soundcloud. Nice to hear from you.