Thursday, December 04, 2008

More mind Scales

Due to a cyclone in our area that put off the power for a week I was forced to find alternate ways of practising in the evening as playing in the dark was getting quiet difficult. Since I couldn't afford time off as some gigs were approaching I decided to spend some time reviewing pieces and applying some of the visualisation techniques I had mentioned before. Although I was not able to do for long periods of time because my concentration wouldn't allow it, I was really very happy with the results. Using a metronome to avoid 'cheating' I went through scale choices in my head in various combinations and speeds. Once I got back to the sax the results were quite noticeable and I already felt more comfortable particularly in tricky spots of certain pieces. Working this way highlights those weaknesses very quickly. Now I just have to apply this more often even when the laptop is available for practise!

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