Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Green Man - Norwich UK

If you ever happen to be in Norwich UK and want to listen to some good jazz in a warm and friendly atmosphere, check out the Green Man in Rackheath. They have live Jazz every tuesday with a varitey of top Jazz musicians from around the country. Last night I went to see Italian tenor saxophonist Renato D'Aiello supported by Nicola Muresu on Bass, Mike Capocci on Piano and Jack Parnell on Drums. It was a very enjoyable gig and quite different to some other things I have heard recently. Renato D'Aiello is a very acomplished player who plays the "great old standards" in a fresh and new way. He has a great sound - big and warm, a little Mobley with the lyricism of Getz perhaps but comes across as original and imaginative. I particularly enjoyed his ballads which were a mixture of beautiful melodic playing and lyrical dexterity. Pianist Mike Capocci deserves a mention too. His solos were flowing and well constructed, within the style of the evening, yet gave an original and modern flavour to the music.


Salsa said...

very distant to me. I live in Brazil.I hope you visit my blog: If you don’t understand Portuguese, don’t worry, you can listen jazz.

Matt AV said...

Welcome... I'm afraid I don't understand Portuguese but have a friend that does! Will visit your blog!