Sunday, May 17, 2009

Finger exercises for sax? The Orosz technique.

Some time ago I was noticing that certain things I was playing on the sax were hampered by my left hand that was not always moving as well as my right. Quite normal I thought as I'm right handed and I did some exercises then to try to help this. At the time I saw nothing on the net about this - not that I looked too hard - but now I just saw this web site. At a technique sold by Jules Orosz. You can sign up and recieve a free lesson. I have no idea if this is any good and what I'm looking for but I'm going to have a look at it and give it a go. I will post my results here a bit later. If anyone has already looked into this please let me know too.


Kathy said...

So, did you try it?

Sarala said...

There seems to be hardly any comments about this product on the internet. I have to link up with a site which has the word shopping cart in it. I wonder if the two weeks of trial is a genuine offer? I am an amateur clarinet player.